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by Larry Babcock
M1 Garand Photo Essay <br> by Larry Babcock

M1 Garand Photo Essay
by Larry Babcock

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**This is MY recommended book for part identification for Collectors and Restorers! It is the "Idiots Guide to Part Identification" in my view and though it has some flaws, it is a far cry better than other books out there whose authors we won't name...or stock! Book is brand new, spiral bound.

Book is a photo essay of the component parts of the M1 Garand Rifle and a must have for any Collector. The book is divided into 15 sections of photos of the parts from all of the various makers with close up photos of the markings. Also has the comparisons of the different manufacturers in a much more understandable and visible format than any other book.

A unique book and geared for the M1 Garand Collector!

Spiral bound January 1, 2009