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The M1 Garand: Owner's Guide, Scott Duff

The M1 Garand: Owner's Guide, Scott Duff

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Product Description
The M1 Garand: Owner's Guide - Dis-assembly, assembly, inspection, repair, cleaning, zeroing, and more.

Written specifically for the M1 rifleman. With interest in the Garand at levels not previously experienced, new owners often have questions about their recent acquisition. Most common among them are: "Who made my rifle and when?" "How do I take it apart and put it back together?" "How do I clean, lubricate, and maintain it?" This book will answer those questions.

The civilian owner of an M1 rifle is faced with maintenance activities not encountered by military users. The owner must understand the operation and function of the rifle, and be proficient at dis-assembly, assembly, inspection, and replacement of individual components. the purpose of this book is to impart that information to the reader which is necessary to develop the knowledge and ability to perform those tasks. Acquisition of these skills will inspire confidence at the work bench and rifle range!